LAVASOX summer boots paw socks

Size: XS
Color: Marina blue
625 NOK

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NOTE: Our US supplier has been required to shut down production in ours, which unfortunately means that we cannot get refills of Lavasox. If they can produce more so that we can order, we will advertise it on our FB pages and in newsletters. Sorry for the inconvenience this entails!

Lavasox set of four pot socks.

Designed specifically to protect against hot asphalt and other hot surfaces in the city streets. The socks have a built-in heat barrier that protects against the surface heat. The rest of the sock is made of breathable mesh to keep your paws cool, solid velcro keeps the sock in place.

The well-gripd sole makes Lavasox also suitable as a shoe on slippery surfaces inside, such as parquet and tiles.

- protects paws against hot surfaces
- excellent grip, even on slippery surfaces inside
- anatomically designed, sits firmly on
- easy to take on and off

The socks are NOT made for forest terrain/bareground.


  1. Close the Velcro locks in place
  2. Use the bag for underwear
  3. Wash in cold water
  4. Mild wash
  5. Use mild detergent
  6. DO NOT USE fabric softener!
  7. Centrifuges gently
Size table

Put the dog's paw on a sheet of paper, feel free to lift the opposite paw to get the weight of the paw you measure. Mark the widest part of the paw on each side of the sheet, intil the paw (without fur). Compare with the measurements below to find the right size.

You can also find an instruction manual here.

ATTENTION: The scale is for orientation only, you MUST measure the paw!

Xs: 2 - 3.25 cm (approx 4.5 - 9 kg)

S: 3.25 - 4.5 cm (approx 9 - 18 kg)

M: 4.5 - 5.75 cm (approx 18 - 27)

L: 5.75 - 7 cm (approx 27 - 36 kg)

Xl: 7 - 8.25 cm (36 - 45 kg)


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