About us

We are a small online store with a focus on unique products, good knowledge and desire to have satisfied customers. We specialize in tires, harnesses and toys. We have our own collections for different dogs/breeds, note the body shape of the dogs on the pictures to choose the right one.

We wish that the products we sell are made under controlled conditions with decent working conditions and import only from european countries and USA/Canada.

All our products are available in the online shop, we do not have an "extra" stock, so if the product is not in stock in the store, we have it unfortunately not right now. We advise you to leave your email under the selected variant then, and you will be notified as soon as the product comes again.

We make every effort to help you, do not hesitate to contact when needed. We all warmly welcome you to a pleasant trade!

  • Company name HOUSE of DOGS AS
  • ​Organization number 925 538 132
  • Company address: Råkendalsveien 27, 1914 outer ENEBAKK (attention: we do not have stock / store at this address)
  • Mail: mail (a) houseofdogs.no

Small-scale production

Although we shop from professional suppliers, it is often limited how many items of each variant we get ordered. Especially the clothes are made in small quantities, and therefore it is not possible to uproot all colors and sizes at all times. We therefore recommend shopping when the goods are in stock, and not waiting until "one needs them" when you still know that you are going to have them. It's not a sales trick, but a well-being advice. Many of the winter clothes are in stock already in august / september and may be sold out in november/December.

We get item delivery at least once a week, so the warehouse is filled all the time. If you want something specific, leave your email under the selected variant, then you will be notified when the item arrives in stock. This is how we will also know that you want the item, so we can order it.

Because of the limited production, we also do not have seasonal sales, but we occasionally sell out products that go out of production or change shape. Subscribe to our newsletter, and you are the first to get notified of sales!


Our deck is made primarily with fit and function in mind. The tire has an incredibly good fit even during movement, provided that you have chosen the right cut and the right size for your dog.

The clothes are made in the "menneskekvalitet" - it means that one uses the same materials as in the production of the menneskeklær and they are made with function in mind: Regndekken to protect against rain, vinterdekken against the cold, etc. It is thus not the deck that can withstand absolutely all of despoiling, running in thickets and rough terrain, it is quite possible that with such use there will be holes on the deck. This must be taken into account before use, and there is no reason for complaints. A few tires are made of material such as withstands slightly tougher processing, it says in that case specified in the product description.

Softshell and winter tires should not be washed with fabric softener, not centrifuged and dried in a dryer. This degrades the quality of the fabric, the same applies to frequent washing.


We choose products from recycled materials wherever possible, and we are always looking for manufacturers who are thinking about reuse.

We do not throw returned products, but check and ev clean them before we sell them again. This way we help to reduce waste.

Our warehouse uses used packaging when sending larger packages.


We are distributor for SOFA DOG WEAR in Scandinavia and Equigroomer in Norway. We have the exclusive right to sell the original Cozy Cave beds from Snoozer Pet Products in Norway.

As a distributor, we are also responsible for report all pirated copies to our suppliers so that they can take further legal steps to protect their brand and/or patent. This applies regardless of whether you are a private person or company.