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We are a small online store focusing on unique products, good knowledge and desire to have satisfied customers.
We only sell products that have been tested and approved by our employees (two or four-legged). Most products are suitable for all animal-loving people, while the dog clothes are primarily geared towards sighthounds and other primitive breeds, as well as bull-body breeds. The coats are also excellent for other slender breeds, such as rhodesian ridgeback, dalmatines, doberman and the like.
We strive for that all the products we sell are made under controlled conditions with proper working conditions, and therefore import only from European countries and USA / Canada.
We warmly welcome you to a pleasant shopping in our shop!

Small scale production

Even though we buy from professional suppliers, it is often limited how many items of each variant we can order. Especially the clothes are made in small quantities, and it is therefore not possible to have all colors and sizes in stock at all times. Therefore, we recommend to shop when the items are in stock and do not wait for when you need them. It's not a trick, but a good advice. Many winter clothes are in stock already in August / September and may be sold out in November / December.
Due to the limited production, we do not have seasonal sales, but we also sell products that go out of production or change shape. Subscribe to our newsletter, so you're out to receive sales!


Our products are made first and foremost with fit and function in mind. The clothing has incredibly good fit also during movement, provided you have chosen the right model/cut and the right size for your dog.
The clothes are made in "human quality" - which means that the same materials as you do in the production of human's clothes are used. The clothes are designed for the function: Raincoats protects against rain, winter coats against cold etc. It is thus not the coats that can withstand everything of ravage, racing in rough and bushy terrain, it is possible that in such a use the coat will be torn. This must be taken into account before use, and defects due this use are not refundable. A few coats are made of material that can withstand a bit tougher treatment, in that case this is specified in the product description.
The softshell and winter coats should not be washed with fabric softener, do dry in a tumble dryer. This reduces the quality of the fabric, as does frequent washing.

To shop with us

All orders within EU will be sent including VAT. No additional fees applies. 

All orders, unless otherwise agreed, are sent with DHL and are delivered on demand. You can track the shipment and can decide the delivery place (at home, at work etc). Shipping time is 3-5 days.

We ship usually one-two days after the order is placed when the product is in stock. Products that are not in stock will be shipped no later than the day after we receive them from the supplier. You will receive an email when the shipment is sent. 


Payment by card (VISA and Mastercard) or PayPal.
We do not register any personal information about your transaction.
When you shop with us on stand, we accept card payment and Vips.

Right of withdrawal

You have 14 days return policy for whatever reason. Please note that the return is paid by you as a customer. We will not pick up packages sent to us as an order. Fill out the cancellation form that we will send you by mail and attach this to the return package. If the conditions for cancellation rights are met, we will refund the price of the item. Please note that the cost of returning goods is due to you (cf. Section 15, first paragraph, of the Buyer Regret Act).


Be careful to measure the dog when choosing dog clothes. Should it nevertheless prove that the clothes do not fit, we will of course change to another size, or return the money if we can not find a suitable product for you. You only cover postage to us. Replacement shall be notified as soon as possible and within 14 days of receipt of delivery. The item returned must be in the same state as it was purchased. Clothing that is visibly used beyond what may be considered sufficient to test the fit; clothes that are dirty and full of dog hair are not exchanged.
Should you switch to another size, you must go to the store and order again. Your original purchase will be credited when the return comes back to us.
No change of products on sale.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Welcome to a nice shopping experience!
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